Getwele pioneered and proved a correlation between biochemical restoration/balance (using nutrition) and reduction in drug desire/seeking behavior since 1995

Awele Foundation International (AFI)

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Awele Foundation International (AFI), Inc. is the Non-Profit arm of Getwele Natureceuticals. Founded in 1999, AFI is a tax-exempt 501 (C) (3) organization that has a longstanding history of drug addiction treatment.

Mission of AFI is to improve the physical, mental health, spiritual and environmental health status of the community that includes adults, children, youth and their families. AFI is dedicated to helping to improve the health of the citizens that may or may not be insured 

A six-member Board of Directors governs AFI. The Board of Directors directs operations of the agency through its Chief Executive Officer. The Executive Program Director of AFI reports directly to its Board. The Board of Directors, together with its Chief Executive Officer and staff, exemplifies the mission of AFI.

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AFI is pleased to announce to Maryland residents a breakthrough cost-effective dietary supplement protocol (The Getwele Protocol) that can help alcohol and/or illicit drug abusers stay abstinent. Persistent craving and relapse are recalcitrant problems of addiction in our society. Sometimes these drug problems with their accompanying mental health and legal issues hit close to home-affecting our loved ones and the overall community.


Funding policies, lack of healthcare professionals trained in addiction medicine, and community resistance to the use of addictive medication in the treatment of addiction, are all barriers that continue to prevent clients’ efforts to achieve a recovery lifestyle. AFI is therefore focused on bringing this to the attention of our policymakers so they can help us create a legislation that may address this problems. AFI also plan to bring to the attention of professionals the inadequacies in treatment professionals for this dreadful disease and find ways to ginger their interest in learning about this problem which put our people in bondage of chronic illness and hence cannot function to their full potential in contributing to the societies.


AFI will seek collaboration and  financial support of the community to help provide new solutions to the psychosocial problems that many of our loved ones are facing and are being viewed as unapproachable and unsolvable; often having roots in social and economic dis-equilibrium. We are very excited to be forging this innovative and unique community based alliance.


The population that we serve now is Baltimore City who are low income and under-served families; and adults, who may or may not be ex-offenders. We would like to expand to other counties of Maryland. Our overall goal is to develop and operate a managed service organization to create abstinence for drugs of addiction through this simple nutritional management system whether they can pay or not.

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