Getwele pioneered and proved a correlation between biochemical restoration/balance (using nutrition) and reduction in drug desire/seeking behavior since 1995

Getwele Recovery & Wellness Center

                                       When there is no desire, there is no seeking

Dr. Dordunoo is  the Founder, CSO at Kydes Pharmaceuticals with over 30 years of experience in compounding, analysis, stability and testing. He is a registered Pharmacist with PhD in Pharmaceutics and has been running his business for the past 10 years.

Dr. Dordunoo has been working with Dr. Biks on her formulations for the past 5 years. He  provides products’ development, GMP advice and manufacturing services for Getwele's SMAASH-Products. He will continue to manufacture for Getwele.


Stephen Dordunoo, RPh; PhD