Getwele pioneered and proved a correlation between biochemical restoration/balance (using nutrition) and reduction in drug desire/seeking behavior since 1995

Getwele Recovery & Wellness Center

                                       When there is no desire, there is no seeking

The Functional Food Study seeks to show that balancing brain chemistry can reduce the desire to use drug and/or seek for it. Participation in the study involves a1-3hr skype/zoom interview, consumption of 4 week $450 Free Functional Food product and 3x/weekly documentation of desire to use and its seeking behavior.

There is also an optional video/audio testimony.


You must be resident in the US or Canada to participate in this study.  If you have questions, call us at 443-240-7051 or email us at


To speak with a study staff in order to establish your eligibility, we need to ask you some questions.


Nutrients' (Functional Food) Study