Getwele pioneered and proved a correlation between biochemical restoration/balance (using nutrition) and reduction in drug desire/seeking behavior since 1995

Getwele Recovery & Wellness Center

                                       When there is no desire, there is no seeking

Ajibike Salako-Akande (Dr. Biks) MBBS, M.Ed, BCPC,RPS 

Owner and CEO.            

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Dr. Biks developed and compounded 3 prototype formulations of dietary supplements that can reduce thoughts, desire for drugs and their seeking behavior, while running an integrative comprehensive clinic. This included primary care, intensive outpatient mental health, substance abuse detox and counseling (1995 to 2007).  She also developed an intensive psychosocial support for children and their families in the city of Baltimore and Prince George’s County,Maryland.  Her prototype was adopted and disseminated throughout the state of  Maryland by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.


Dr. Biks is a Baltimore Mayoral Fellow in Community Work.